Privacy consulting services


Your data is one of your most valuable assets. Managing it responsibly and keeping it safe should be a top priority for all companies. As additional privacy laws are passed and individuals become more aware of their data rights, the risks related to mismanaging personal information become more dire. Blueprint’s experienced privacy professionals will have an immediate positive impact on your program’s efficiency and efficacy. Our consultants have expertise working with companies of all sizes, from Fortune 100 to SMBs. Let us help you manage your privacy obligations in line with your risk profile, business strategy, and customer and employee expectations.


Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements (GDPR, CCPA, LGPD)

Navigate ambiguous and complex laws and regulations at global, national, and state levels to achieve your privacy-related business goals.

Privacy program design and effectiveness assessment

Evaluate gaps between privacy team delivery and the enablement of broader business teams in the organization to drive alignment.

Risk reduction and cost savings

Mitigate risks to your brand reputation, bottom line, and your customers and employees with a competent privacy program that fits your company’s needs.

Customer privacy with confidence

Knowing your privacy obligations, honoring your customers’ data rights, and meeting their expectations builds trust in your brand.

Cross-department collaboration

Privacy is everyone’s job. Our consultants can help you integrate privacy throughout business units to move your company toward a true privacy-by-design approach.

Privacy consulting the Blueprint Way

Organizations need to design, develop, and deliver privacy processes and controls in an increasingly complex environment. Doing privacy well, with intentional and repeatable processes benefits your company, customers, and employees. Our privacy consultants can help you reduce demand on counsel, build a trusted brand reputation, and reduce regulatory risk. In an ever-evolving regulatory landscape, Blueprint has the deep expertise to help you navigate ambiguous and complex laws and regulations to achieve your privacy-related business goals.

Sample use cases

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