IoT enablement


Data collection mechanisms that produce streaming IoT data have existed for years, typically utilizing various combinations of sensors and legacy systems. Storing and analyzing the datasets those systems produce over long periods of time is a consistent challenge, complicated further by inabilities to extract useful insights from them. Blueprint develops technology that works with your existing infrastructure to enable simple, fast IoT data storage and extraction to unlock insights that drive quality, lower costs, improve operational outcomes, and more.


Uncover insights

Discover actionable insights with the ability to extract and combine the right data from streaming datasets.

Enable advanced analytics

Enable data science, machine learning, and advanced analytics on previously unusable data.

Deliver actionable data

Make useful data easily accessible and consumable for analysts, BI users, and decision makers.

Maintain data standards

Ensure data quality to satisfy financial, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

IoT the Blueprint Way

We utilize our deep experience in managing high-volume, high-velocity streaming and message queue data to build products and processes that simplify asset hierarchy creation, speed up metadata framework construction, and crunch big data in a high-performing fashion to accelerate return on investment. From reviving frozen data and archaic systems to providing the means to process, manage, and combine datasets to enable sophisticated analysis like machine learning, we specialize in helping businesses gain valuable insights by unlocking the true value of their data.

Sample use cases

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