Visualizing Real-time Customer Experience

Addressing customer service issues before they happen

The Problem

Our client, a global technology, software, and services company, was struggling to monitor its customer service issues online. They had many internal tools tracking customer issues, had not invested in monitoring social media, and were struggling to scale their services in a way that promised service reliability and proactive customer engagement. Service reliability was surfacing as a key sales blocker and as a customer retention issue for the client’s cloud services. The customer service and operations teams weren’t aligned, and sales people were frustrated by a lack of insight into their accounts’ interactions. Customers were reacting via social media even before seeking support from the client, and the client was often embarrassed by learning of events from their customers. 

The Solution

Global listening and early warning system

The Blueprint solution was to create a global listening and early warning system for events impacting the customer experience—planned and unplanned—to enable quick reaction and to mitigate or eliminate customer impact in near real-time. Blueprint developed a system to monitor, aggregate, correlate, and analyze multiple data sources for products and services, and make critical information available to those responsible for the customer experience. This allowed each client user to choose the specific products and services to monitor, view the results over a dashboard on the corporate network or mobile applications, and set thresholds to trigger alerts specific to their customers.

The Results

Instead of using reactive, complicated and labor-intensive methods, the client now uses a proactive, predictive, and rapid approach. Real-time monitoring and mitigation has dramatically improved the customer experience and retention rates by reducing the impact of unplanned events, improving service availability, and simultaneously reducing support costs. Operations teams are no longer blind to unplanned events and account executives are empowered with advance knowledge of events impacting their customers. Currently, this application supports about 22,000 users globally on over 70 products and services.

Globally supported users


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