Improving Risk Data Readability

Enabling streamlined, customizable data streaming and consumption in real time

The Problem

Our client, a global technology, software, and services company, used a central system for tracking issues and risks for upcoming and existing releases of their products and services, but the output of the system made analysis difficult and wasn’t intuitive. They needed a user-friendly platform to view and work with the data.

The Solution

Customized dashboards

Real-time visibility

Blueprint designed a dashboard that allowed each user to customize it for their specific needs. They can now create views of data based on filter criteria on each field in the system and view the data in a graphical form based on the filters they select. Once a user creates a view, they can share it with others and receive notifications on any changes.

To get to that point, Blueprint implemented an engine to import the data from the source system. This allowed for real-time visibility. To accommodate for the necessary flexibility and flux of the source data, the import engine was designed to be driven by metadata. This allowed for changes to fields and structure to be managed by data without requiring code development. 

The Results

This dashboard has given the client an improved ability to visualize and analyze risk and issue data. Capabilities for subscriptions and notifications allowed the client to retire redundant systems as well as the commensurate reduction in support and engineering costs. This dashboard supports about 5,000 users globally.

Users globally the dashboard supports