Video Analytics

Real-time, real-world video data capture and analysis

Real-time, real-world video data capture and analysis


Driven by powerful AI and machine learning technology, Reflect intelligently operates in the real-world situations where you need it most.


Reflect is robust, highly scalable, and easy to deploy using cameras in your existing infrastructure.


Reflect functions where you need it to, whether that’s in a cloud environment, on-premise, or any combination you want.


Connect to any existing data sources to correlate information generated by Reflect and derive additional insight.


Object and people detection

Identify and track specific attributes with powerful facial and object analysis algorithms.

Zone definition and activity

Define areas of interest to understand how people move, interact, and transition within a physical environment.

Real-time video analysis and alerts

Search for key attributes and parameters in real-time with automatic correlation alerts.

Recorded video evaluation and filtering

Examine recorded and archived video footage to intelligently pinpoint insights.

Path tracking and analysis

Understand traffic flows and patterns to better evaluate space layout and safety.

Visual search queries

Identify specific points of interest in large volumes of video footage quickly and efficiently.

Uncovering insights you need

Employee effectiveness

Know exactly how many opportunities your employees are converting or missing for a more accurate view of store performance levels.

Layout optimization

Understand how people move through your physical environment to optimize layouts using hot-spot detection, path flows, and zone mapping.

Labor efficiency

Monitor idle time, identify bottlenecks and delays in manual processes, and automate QA on production lines.

Workplace Safety

Instantly identify hazardous situations and environments in the workplace and monitor personal protection equipment to keep employees safe on the job.

Object identification

Track and monitor specific attributes with powerful facial and object analysis algorithms.

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