SQL to Databricks Quickstart


  • Accelerate high-value analytics initiatives and gain experience with Databricks. 
  • Get up and running on Databricks in an accelerated timeline. 
  • Complete one (1) SQL workload migration and analyze with SQL analytics and BI tools. 
  • Blueprint accelerators speed time to value and actionable insights.

QuickStart Overview


a data team to analytics on Databricks


Databricks & data services, non-production environment


1 SQL workload migration


with SQL Analytics and BI tools

Quickstart Timeline

Stage 1

Lakehouse 101

  • Data acquisition
  • Simple data transformations
  • Organizing data
  • Security
  • BI, reporting
  • Optimizing costs & management

Stage 2-3

Up & running

  • Implementation → Powered by Infra-as-Code
  • Security Config → Blueprint security rapid configuration
  • Lakehouse optimization → Blueprint Lakehouse Optimizer

Stage 4-8

Data pipelines

  • Identify data sources
  • Historical & current data
  • Data transformations
  • Data quality
  • Data set creation, scheduled
  • Tables in the Lakehouse, ready!

Stage 8-10

BI & analysis, optimize, & roadmap

  • Power BI or Tableau
  • DBSQL for ad hoc analysis
  • Dashboards & reports
  • Utilization management
  • Roadmap the future

Deployment journey

AWS or Azure readiness

QuickStart data sources

Scripted build

Data ingestion pipeline

Workflows active

Databricks is LIVE!

Lakehouse optimized


Build a net-new use case and validate cost vs performance and usability of Databricks platform.

  • TCO and performance projection report
  • Established Databricks Lakehouse environment
  • Data ingestion pipeline
  • Platform utilization monitoring app
  • Working end-to-end use case/business process
    deployed to non-production environment
  • Results report and demonstration

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