Redshift to Databricks Quickstart


  • Accelerate high-value analytics initiatives and gain experience with Databricks.
  • Get up and running on Databricks.
  • Complete two (2) stored processes from Redshift to Databricks, and analyze with SQL analytics and BI tools.
  • Blueprint accelerators speed time to value and actionable insights.

QuickStart Overview

Quickstart timeline

Stage 1

Databricks deployment

  • Azure or AWS – Scripted w/ Terraform
  • Non-production subscription, VPC

Blueprint Lakehouse Optimizer

  • Implemented in your cloud environment
  • Cloud billing-reader privileges required

Redshift analysis

  • Assess & select candidates for migration

Stage 2-3

Lakehouse workshops/hands-on

  • Hands on with sample data in your environment
  • Databricks Unity Catalog, sec, management workshop
  • Target 2, half day sessions. Limited to 10.

Redshift migration

  • Target small/medium complexity transform
  • Leverage Blueprint Data Loader to load data from RedShift directly into Databricks
  • Leverage Blueprint conversion engine to
    convert up to 2 stored procs from Redshift to Databricks SQL

Stage 4

Comparison analysis

  • Leverage Lakehouse Optimizer
  • Compare runtimes & costs
  • Forecast impacts of similar workload

Roadmap with Blueprint

  • Plan workload migrations
  • Lakehouse migration strategy
  • Explore service offerings from Blueprint

Migrate workloads from Redshift to Databricks

Compare costs and performance with the Lakehouse Optimizer​

Plan a full migration with Blueprint​

QuickStart Accelerators

Lakehouse Optimizer

Optimizes performance & lowers TCO
of Databricks powered lakehouse

Data Loader

Efficiently ingest data from Redshift
into your lakehouse

Conversion Engine

Redshift to Databricks SQL

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