Diversity of Thought:

Don Lukasek approaches problem solving from different angles

Don is what’s known in the technology client development world as a “trifecta.” His background in technology, consulting and client development makes him a true thought leader for Blueprint Technologies, where he joined as a Director of Client Development in October 2020.

Don Lukasek came to Blueprint with a plan to engage clients by not only understanding their business challenges and what can be done to solve them, but by thinking of those challenges in terms of how they are holding the organization back and creating a framework that begins with the end goal in mind. He challenges clients to think differently and step out of their comfort zones, opening up a world of solutions that optimally address clients’ true challenges.

As a developer for 15 years, Don has always loved to problem solve. That background now allows him to understand what an organization is going through and what challenges they face so he can help them develop a solution he knows will provide immediate value.

“I have the mindset of an architect, a consultant and a salesperson, which are all very different,” Don said. “I’m not a traditional business development professional, my career path has taken me through it all, and I gravitate to the client because I want to make sure the right issues are addressed early in the relationship because they are often what ultimately shape the solution.”

Don’s introduction to technology came at the University of Central Oklahoma. He took his first computer science course and says it was like a “biblical parting of the seas,” so he bought a Commodore 64 followed by an IBM Desktop and learned to code in Basic. He majored in business with an emphasis in computer science while working at an independent oil and gas exploration company where he was able to apply some of the automation techniques he was learning in school.

Don Lukasek's love of computers started in college

Don’s love of technology started in college and continues to this day.

After moving to Houston, Don became a developer for Union Texas Petroleum before pivoting to tech consulting. But, after 15 years on the tech side, he realized he was tired of seeing clients and delivery teams have a poor experience because key items were not discussed early in the client development process.

“It was frustrating to be handed something that needed to be delivered to a client that was not in design spec,” Don said. “Excellent delivery starts with the sales process. It’s understanding where your customer is and bringing in the right people based on what the customer wants to accomplish.”

Don realized then that his passion wasn’t for solving problems through coding, it was for helping businesses solve their problems with technology. He didn’t need to be the one coding — by transitioning to Client Development, Don could utilize his understanding of technology to help clients find the right paths to accelerate their business model and increase revenue and efficiencies. Approaching problem solving from a different angle reinvigorated him.

Don and his wife on a culinary date night.

Throughout his career, Don has helped firms grow and expand their footprints and client reach. As a regional CTO, he developed and managed both sales and technical teams while growing market share in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. His focus then, as it is now, was matching customer requirements with the right technologies to address their problems.

At Blueprint Don’s focus is transparency. He listens. He wants to learn where Blueprint can fit in to best serve the needs of a client. Some of the subjects being discussed in the technology space right now can seem almost space-age to some people, so it is about meeting a customer where they are and mitigating perceived risks. Technology is used to accelerate business value, and today that value proposition has never been more critical.

“So many technology solution firms engage clients with a hammer looking for a nail,” Don said. “I go in looking at the business challenge, understanding the value of solving it and then advise on the right tools to get the job done and urge customers to venture outside their comfort zone to address concepts early and address risk when it’s appropriate.

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