Proof of concept


Go from whiteboard to value in 90 days or less. Guaranteed. Whatever problem your organization is facing, Blueprint’s technology and industry experts will work with you to develop a potential solution, program, product, feature or method and then prove the real-world applicability and feasibility of that idea within 90 days.


Maximize ROI

Identify successful concepts rapidly using the proof of concept process, eliminating the need to commit large amounts of capital or time early on.

Innovate rapidly

Experiment with multiple solutions to problems, allowing for more comprehensive, innovative solutions that have proven value.

Uncover opportunities

Look outside the box to generate a set of criteria for evaluating new opportunities and discovering vulnerabilities in your current market.

Proof of concept the Blueprint Way

Blueprint first evaluates and determines how your business can benefit from a rigorous application development program. Next, we help create the development culture that will allow your new applications to thrive, and then build and deploy the applications that will produce ROI quickly. Cut out costly complexity and manual labor; simplify and streamline your business with Blueprint and the applications that will transform your business.

Sample use cases

Project story

Machine learning expedites retail inventory

A nationwide discount retailer was struggling to maintain inventory accuracy and manage shrinkage across hundreds of retail locations. With infrequent physical inventory counts, a lack of shipment and unique SKU tracking, and unpredictable shrinkage due to product damage and theft, the company was unable to accurately manage inventory at the individual store level. Having recognized the need to adopt an advanced digital solution to mitigate their inventory issues, they turned to Blueprint for help.

Blueprint created machine learning models that performed on par with historical models at predicting perpetual inventory in addition to a very accurate sales-forecasting model. These models enabled the client to see a virtual inventory count at any time for any given store, reduce unnecessary spend and better manage inventory and shrinkage. In addition, decision-makers were able to comfortably commit to further digital transformation.

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