Project Definition Workshop


Projects succeed most often when they are properly planned and managed. They typically fail because of missing user involvement, lackluster management support or an unclear statement of requirements. Project definition workshops build a shared understanding of the business requirements and operational parameters for the delivery of an identified project. This facilitates the development of a solution and manages the integration of project outcomes into the business. Building for the future requires thinking differently, and Blueprint offers organizations the structure needed to ensure their ongoing success.


Succeed on time and on budget

Begin the project with consideration of all critical factors, so you are set up to deliver the ideal solution on a realistic and planned timeline.

Discover new opportunities

Capture the input of a custom-built planning group and obtain exciting new concepts and ideas for future development.

Maximize project effectiveness

Take advantage of facilitated planning sessions to extract diverse perspectives and improve a project as it’s being planned, avoiding potential derailments before they happen.

Project definition workshops the Blueprint Way

Blueprint walks organizations through a personalized curriculum designed to comprehensively plan for the development and execution of a successful project. The workshops bring all relevant stakeholders together to design and commit to a plan before beginning a lengthy project. The result is a fully optimized project plan that addresses the right business problems as well as achieves the buy-in any project needs to succeed.

Sample use cases

Project story

Cross-collaboration sparks innovation at the corporate level

Blueprint was approached by a large retail company to help refocus the company on its customer-centric mission while continuing to innovate and grow. The company had started to utilize modern technology to improve their customer experience but hadn’t considered the impact changes would have on an individual store and customer level. At corporate, different departments were siloed and lacked effective communication and a culture of fear-based activity rather than bold experiments had begun to emerge. Blueprint organized a project definition workshop (PDW) that collected all the key stakeholders to brainstorm solutions and define the structure for an effective set of projects to address the team’s gaps. By facilitating the conversation around interdepartmental innovation and cross-collaboration, Blueprint drove a timely and focused set of PDW’s that allowed all stakeholders to be heard, ideate, problem-solve and plan concretely. The company was able to leverage the PDW materials to successfully complete projects that contributed to their strategic initiatives. 

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