Product development


Years of developing custom solutions for companies in multiple industries has allowed Blueprint to recognize the recurring patterns and gaps in common technology patterns. Rather than filling these gaps on a one-off basis for each customer, Blueprint creates innovative technology products that solve for the shortcomings in existing patterns and brings them to the broader marketplace.


Invest efficiently

Eliminate the need for recurring labor, consulting and costly software subscriptions and redirect those resources to more profitable and useful efforts.

Realize value quickly

Blueprint’s products are built without the baggage of traditional product companies – instead of needing to create massive platforms to service the entire company, Blueprint develops specific tools to address the precise needs of each client.

Maximize flexibility and scalability

Technology products custom-built to fit your requirements paired with the foresight to build for the future allow you to pivot and grow quickly to take advantage of new opportunities and adapt to changing conditions.

Product development the Blueprint Way

Blueprint’s approach to product development relies on years of experience solving technology and process problems for organizations large and small. By evaluating the marketplace, researching the competitive landscape and listening to customers, Blueprint identifies gaps and opportunities for solving your unique problems with cutting-edge technology and highly customizable products. Blueprint focuses on relationships, delivering value and customization at the forefront of its product strategy and works with your team every step of the way to ensure you achieve top-notch results, cost savings and maximum scalability.

Sample use cases

Project story

Connect disparate data sources with Conduit

With the growing adoption of cloud data services, we’ve entered the age where the ability to harness the power of high volume, high velocity, vastly differentiated data has become critical to business decision making. Unfortunately, gaining access to and making sense of that data has become increasingly complicated. Many companies have problems querying, aggregating and integrating large data sets from disparate sources to serve teams across organizations. To solve this problem, Blueprint developed Conduit: a frictionless, lightweight data virtualization tool that securely connects data from multiple systems, sources and types to any business intelligence tool, all at a cost substantially lower than competing software products. Blueprint believes in breaking down the barriers imposed by legacy data integration practices and empowering teams to harness the power of data. Data virtualization with Conduit is the key to a modern data management strategy.

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