Managed services


Whether you’ve worked with Blueprint to strategize and build a solution, or you’ve created one yourself, the key to continued success often lies in the management of your solution. By leveraging Blueprint’s expert teams, products, processes and support infrastructure you can reduce overhead costs while increasing organizational flexibility, agility and scalability.


Smarter spend

With industry-leading forecasting and planning tools, Blueprint’s managed services help you predict and mitigate budget overruns and control staff costs.

Maximize flexibility

Pivot quickly to take advantage of new opportunities and adapt to changing conditions.

Optimize time usage

Spend less time managing multiple vendors and more time on value-adding efforts relating to the core business.

Elevate the customer experience

Increase customer satisfaction and adoption to ensure long-term customer relationships and repeat revenue.

Improve performance and reliability

With a singular view of all efforts and guaranteed end-to-end accountability, you can rest assured our teams will always exceed your goals while being an intrinsic part of your brand and culture.

Managed services the Blueprint Way

The advantages of a managed services model are clear and well-understood. Under this model, Blueprint assumes ownership of all resource management, processes and outcomes, allowing the clients to focus solely on business impact. Blueprint takes that responsibility seriously and builds tools and processes designed specifically to outperform your expectations. You’ll experience higher levels of quality, velocity and efficiency by leveraging autonomous processes, and you can rely on those improvements due to the transparent, measurable performance indicators and on-demand monitoring.

Sample use cases

Project story

Deliver customer service excellence on a global level

A global tech company approached Blueprint as its online platform began to rapidly grow. That popularity came with increased customer support requirements that resulted in a large accumulation of support request tickets with an average response time of nearly 6 months. At such a large volume, the company’s inability to support customers began impacting customer retention, hindering sales to new customers, damaging partner relations and harming the company brand. Customers were venting via social media even before calling support, and the company was often learning of events and issues from its customers. By first understanding the business, ecosystem and community, Blueprint was able to quickly step in and build a team of support engineers to eliminate the ticket backlog. Taking it even further, Blueprint built a global listening and early warning system for events impacting the customer experience that enabled quick reaction and course correction in the moment to mitigate or eliminate customer impact. 

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