Facilitated innovation


Blueprint is here to help any organization grow its culture of innovation while minimizing risk and achieving ROI quickly. Blueprint aligns business outcomes with a culture of intelligent experimentation by providing the structure needed to ensure your organization’s ongoing success every step of the way, from strategy to deployment.


Expand competitive advantage

Differentiate yourself from competitors by thinking differently, allowing you to build your next big thing.

Increase team effectiveness

Teams that understand how to use the tool of innovation to achieve and surpass goals achieve more with less time and budget.

Transform your organization

Innovative problem solvers become agents for innovation themselves, spreading new approaches and processes that foster a culture of constant change and adaption.

Facilitated innovation the Blueprint Way

Explore what is possible through a phased approach to innovation. Blueprint walks organizations through a personalized, yet methodical, curriculum designed to uncover innovative solutions to business problems identified during a series of facilitated workshops that encourage exploration and accelerated learning. Blueprint will augment your team by identifying key internal stakeholders and bringing in external collaborators, influencers and specialists. Each phase involves rapid prototyping and has specific deliverables and timelines created by actualizing feedback, learning and ideas, which are critical to innovation. The result is a solution that not only addresses the current problem set but sets you up for success by providing the foundation and structure for future innovative approaches.

Sample use cases

Project story

NASH discovers data in video assets

Working with a federal agency, Blueprint developed a secure and customizable video analytics solution that uses AI/ML to augment analysts’ workflow efficiency and perform pattern-of-life analysis within video assets. Through the Facilitated Innovation process, Blueprint concepted, built and deployed a proprietary solution, NASH, that ingests video content to provide object detection and tracking, motion behavior analysis and anomaly detection. Harnessing a cloud-first architecture, NASH is available exclusively on the Azure Marketplace. With customizable analysis workspaces and a scalable video processing pipeline, NASH became a pattern-of-life analysis solution for teams of all sizes.

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