Business strategy


The foundation of any successful business accomplishment is a solid, effective and measurable strategy. Blueprint harnesses industry-specific expertise and technology to help organizations develop disciplined, urgent business strategies that deliver unexpected solutions and immediate value. Building for the future requires thinking differently, and Blueprint offers fresh perspectives on direction and growth strategy.


Uncover opportunities

With expert guidance, your strategy will reflect not only your current business environment, but the competitive landscape as well, allowing for the inclusion of unexpected innovation.

Grow competitive advantage

Differentiate yourself from competitors with superior strategy and planning, minimizing lost time and allowing you to focus your resources where they’re most effective.

Make better decisions

Thinking differently will help you approach problems in new ways and make faster, more effective decisions to solve them.

Business strategy the Blueprint Way

Blueprint was named the Fastest Growing Private Company in Washington two years in a row and knows what it takes to tackle tough problems. Blueprint believes strategy should be tailored to fit your team and specific business needs and works with you to redefine what’s possible to drive exceptional, scalable and repeatable results. Combining guidance, expertise and diversity of thought with an intimate knowledge of your key business goals, Blueprint delivers customized strategies that facilitate growth and create operational efficiency. Blueprint engages in all phases of strategy design and strategic planning, or can step in to help if you’re having trouble with:

  • Business analysis
  • Opportunity analysis
  • New revenue stream development
  • Market analysis and validation
  • Stakeholder mapping and buy-in
  • Strategic initiative development
  • Cross-organizational KPI and metrics development

Sample use cases

Project story

Facilitate growth and new opportunities with a targeted strategy

A location-based data and analytics company planning an IPO needed to hit a growth rate above 15 percent before taking that leap. The company brought Blueprint onboard to help identify ways to achieve that growth. Blueprint engaged with the company’s leadership at all levels to first evaluate the client’s current operations and strategy. With a team of industry experts, Blueprint identified a new customer base the company could attract with a new product offering that had a shorter sales cycle. With an improved go-to-market strategy, the company could bring in revenue faster, while still going after enterprise clients. Additionally, while the company had the right players in place for its eventual IPO, Blueprint was able to identify new positions to fill that would facilitate the growth the company wanted to achieve in preparation for a public offering.

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