Blueprint Introduces Metaverse Evaluation & Architecture Tokenizer (M.E.A.T.)

April 1st, 2022, BELLEVUE, Wash., — Blueprint Technologies is excited to announce the private preview of Metaverse Evaluation & Architecture Tokenizer (M.E.A.T.), a tool that enables the enterprise to experience data flow (as described in technical architecture diagrams) in virtual reality. From reference architectures to marketecture diagrams, M.E.A.T. automatically converts the flat symbols and lines into a digital twin that the enterprise can explore in virtual reality.

This M.E.A.T. hook functionality allows solution architects to validate the flow of data through a Modern Data Estate and identify potential data flow chokepoints. M.E.A.T hook is currently only available for the Oculus Quest 2.

In addition, M.E.A.T. can pack architecture diagrams into non-fungible tokens (NFT), enabling solution architects to create an additional revenue stream for the enterprise. Currently, this M.E.A.T packing functionality outputs to OpenSea.

What's next?

Once M.E.A.T. reaches general availability (GA), it will join the suite of Blueprint Technologies’ data products that include Conduit and NASH.


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