Director Spotlight: Robert Purdom

Bellevue, WA., (May 1, 2018) — Blueprint Technologies, a technology solutions firm that helps companies accelerate their success through digital transformation, announced the addition of South Central Regional Director, Robert Purdom to the South Central team.

Robert Purdom

South Central Regional Director

Robert Purdom is a seasoned business IT leader with a career that spans nearly three decades. As a thought leader in business theory and processes, management, budgeting, and operations, Robert has a proven track record as a change agent driving solutions, methodology, and organizational change. He is an expert in digital transformation with a specific focus on Data Monetization in the manufacturing industry with an emphasis on oil and gas. Robert currently serves as Blueprint’s first South Central Regional Director in Houston. He is responsible for leveraging transformative technologies, analytics, and organizational change to drive business agility and profitability with Blueprint’s current and potential clients.

We sat down with Robert to ask a few questions:

What is your area of thought leadership, your expertise, or your unique perspective?

The foundation of my experience and expertise is data monetization. In my 28+ year career, data has been the key driver of business success. Early in my career, it was data products to acquire, integrate, manage, and deliver very large data and information at very high-speeds. Over time, that grew to include organizing and leading talent and managing the full technology stack from physical data center to the software products.

Why is Data Monetization so important to achieving growth in companies?

Data and fact-based insights have always been important, but digital disruption and market competition are driving rapid market transformations across virtually every industry. Mature data management and analytics was once considered the secret sauce of a few market leaders but is quickly becoming a basic survival skill. Most companies capture very large volumes of data but use only a very small percentage to drive business value. In other words, most companies are spending heavily to capture data, but few are maximizing the value of the investment.

What do you think is the next big thing for Data Monetization?

We are at the convergence of three critical and mutually beneficial technology trends—Cloud, Big Data, and Machine Learning. Cloud and Big Data are furthest along the adoption curve and are well into the Early Majority stage of market penetration. Machine Learning is still in the early adopter phase and is already beginning to disrupt entire industries. Big Data and Cloud are key enablers of the highest maturity in Machine Learning. Being mature in the adoption and application of Big Data and Cloud are critical to enabling business agility and transformation which enables businesses and organizations to maximize the ROI of Machine Learning.  

What are common misconceptions about big data and data science?

Most adopters of Cloud and Big Data are still relatively immature and are not maximizing the ROI on their investment. Furthermore, much of the adoption was technology driven and grew out of shadow IT projects. Machine Learning has a much stronger business focus but is greatly inhibited by skills gaps around data science and Machine Learning. Much of the skills gap is at the leadership level. Employing data science and Machine Learning requires that leadership understand the value and use cases. The reality is that outside of the digital leaders, most companies and organizations are struggling to achieve valuable results.

What is the #1 thing most people need to succeed in your area of expertise? Are there any additional resources to help ensure success?

The ability to think analytically with strong understanding of technology but approach problems from a business value perspective, enables the best possible outcomes.

Connect with Robert on LinkedIn today to learn more about Blueprint’s digital transformation solutions.

About Blueprint Technologies:

Blueprint is a technology solutions firm that helps companies accelerate their success through digital transformation. As business leaders with a deep appreciation for technology enablement, we help organizations create and launch digital strategies including cutting-edge products, services and business models that serve a modernized organization, and keep customer experience at the forefront. Blueprint aims to identify opportunities to bring automation and intelligence to information consumption, with a goal to help implement and deploy infrastructure that drives higher agility and reliability, ultimately allowing organizations to make confident decisions. With a proven track-record across multiple billion-dollar industries, Blueprint has built state-of-the-art software solutions and proofs of concept that deliver immediate impact and tangible value. Blueprint is based in Bellevue, WA and also has delivery teams located in Dallas, TX and Charlotte, NC, with a talent presence spanning across multiple states in the US. Blueprint was named Washington State’s #1 Fastest-Growing Company in 2015 and 2016. We placed 161st on the Inc. 500 and were named Consulting Magazine’s #1 Fastest-Growing Firm in 2017. For your next big thing, visit, or like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

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