Danielle Funston Promoted to Executive Vice President

With this new role, Danielle will oversee company strategy and the entire employee and project lifecycle.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019, BELLEVUE, WA.,— Blueprint Technologies, a nationwide technology solutions firm that specializes in helping companies accelerate their success through digital transformation, announced that Danielle Funston has been promoted to Executive Vice President.

With this new role, Danielle will oversee company strategy and the entire employee and project lifecycle, working to align all Blueprint activities towards their number one objective: accelerating customer success. She will continue to run the company’s Solutions Delivery organization and will take on additional functions as the company heads into 2020.  Her passion for delivering excellent results pushes Blueprint to add value to its partners, clients, and employee in every activity.

“The best part about Blueprint, to me, is that we truly believe in a unique value proposition we offer our employees and our customers – to identify opportunity and enable transformational growth and excellence,” said Danielle. “I intend to drive innovation and inspiration in all areas that grow and improve Blueprint as well as our customers and partners. Truly maximizing the positive impact we all make on our customers, our communities, and the lives we all serve, is our why.”

As Blueprint’s first employee, Danielle has clearly been an integral part of the Blueprint team and its storied success. “Danielle is now moving into the true second in command role at Blueprint which is very much just a recognition of how she has always conducted herself,” said Ryan Neal, President of Blueprint. “She’s the true embodiment of our core values, beliefs and mantras.”

Connect with Danielle on LinkedIn here.

About Blueprint Technologies:

Blueprint is a technology solutions firm that helps companies accelerate their success through digital transformation. As business leaders with a deep appreciation for technology enablement, we help organizations create and launch digital strategies including cutting-edge products, services and business models that serve a modernized organization, and keep customer experience at the forefront. Blueprint aims to identify opportunities to bring automation and intelligence to information consumption, with a goal to help implement and deploy infrastructure that drives higher agility and reliability, ultimately allowing organizations to make confident decisions. With a proven track-record across multiple billion-dollar industries, Blueprint has built state-of-the-art software solutions and proofs of concept that deliver immediate impact and tangible value. Blueprint is based in Bellevue, WA and also has delivery teams located in Dallas, TX and Charlotte, NC, with a talent presence spanning across multiple states in the US. 

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