Conduit 2.0 hits the market

Blueprint Technologies launches highly anticipated new features for Conduit, enabling companies to get the most out of their data

February 2, 2021, BELLEVUE, Wash., — Continuing its mission to help customers unlock the value of their own data, Blueprint Technologies is announcing four new features for its data virtualization product, Conduit. The long-awaited features include a data catalog, SQL query editor and Oracle and Hadoop Distributed File System connectors, all of which greatly improve the Conduit experience.

“With Conduit 2.0, users can not only leverage a super-powerful query engine and get access to their data sets quickly, but they can build custom SQL queries within Conduit. Users can now also connect to two additional widely used storage systems while managing connectors inside an easily searchable data catalog,” said Director of Product Marketing Bobby Huang. “All of these features packed together make this tool extremely valuable for teams working with large sets of data.”

Blueprint, a worldwide technology solutions firm specializing in digital transformation, launched Conduit in 2018 as a lightweight data virtualization tool that connects disparate data sources in real time. The tool allows companies to easily and affordably access, manage and deliver data in one environment without the need to replicate it, regardless of whether the data is on premise or in the cloud. Conduit gives enterprise data administrators the ability to create and view reports pulled from their entire data universe without the need for extensive ETL protocols. Conduit requires no heavy engineering work to produce impactful, near real-time analytics that decision-makers need to effectively run their business.

“Your supply chain may use SAP, customer service may use an Oracle CRM and IT analysts may operate solely in SQL” Huang said. “If you want to perform real-time analysis across those data sets, how do you bring all that data together? You really can’t unless you’re using a data virtualization tool, and there’s no better option than Conduit.”

The following details Conduit’s new features:

SQL Query Editor

The SQL query editor gives IT and data professionals who prefer to do analysis in a SQL Server, rather than an analytical tool, the ability to create, view and edit a SQL query within Conduit’s management console. With a SQL query editor, users can now explore and sample data before finalizing a data connector, saving significant time and making data consumption more efficient.

Data Catalog

This new feature transforms Conduit into a command center. It allows IT teams to manage and organize data assets in one easy-to-navigate console and gives users an easy way to locate and better understand the datasets they have permission to access. This is made possible by enabling keyword tagging, which allows users to easily search and locate a dataset without scrolling long lists, and field-level descriptions, which give users more insight into column headers that are not intuitive. By making data more accessible and easier to understand, users unlock value much faster without being dependent on IT teams.

Oracle Connector

Conduit’s Oracle connector, one of Blueprint’s most requested features, allows users to connect to Oracle databases, specifically versions 11g and 12c. This enables near real-time reporting from Oracle database systems and gives administrators control over source data impact. As a result, Conduit now provides secure, easy access to Oracle data without requiring custom data extractions.

Hadoop File Systems Connector

Hadoop Distributed File Systems (HDFS) were developed before wide adoption of cloud storage solutions, and any large organization not born in the cloud era is likely to have some type of Hadoop File System. HDFS is an open-source product that enables companies to store and process large amounts of data and provides a cost-effective way to house potentially valuable information. Blueprint created the Hadoop Connector in Conduit to allow these companies to leverage the data they have stored in an HDFS environment.

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