Blueprint’s Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator Joins Databricks Brickbuilder Program

Bellevue, WA — March 6, 2024

Blueprint Technologies, the data intelligence company connecting strategy to delivery, proudly announces that its Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator has been integrated into Databricks’ Brickbuilder Lakehouse Accelerator program. This strategic collaboration empowers Databricks customers to unlock the full potential of their data assets while simplifying the migration process and enhancing operational continuity.

The accelerator, powered by the Lakehouse Optimizer (LHO), accelerates your UC migration process and minimizes errors. With a focus on seamless integration and optimized performance, the accelerator ensures a smooth transition, empowering you to harness the true value of your data assets. By automating key aspects of the migration journey, such as schema mapping, data lineage preservation, and metadata management, Blueprint’s Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator mitigates complexities and challenges inherent in data migration processes. Organizations can significantly reduce migration time, lower costs, and achieve post-migration operational integrity, all while retiring legacy tools and simplifying data operations.

“Databricks is excited to welcome Blueprint’s Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator into our Brickbuilder Accelerator program,” said John Young, Managing Director, Solutions Field Engineering at Databricks. “Data and AI governance drives real business value and joins cybersecurity in board conversations. Blueprint’s accelerator is an important addition to our partnership ecosystem, enabling organizations to apply unified governance across their data and AI estates. This solution accelerates their migration journey and sets the foundation for sustained user engagement and innovation across teams by adopting Unity Catalog.”

Databricks’ selection of Blueprint’s Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator reaffirms the platform’s position as the data intelligence platform of choice for organizations seeking to drive innovation and derive actionable insights with unparalleled efficiency. By leveraging Databricks’ unified analytics platform, and working with a partner like Blueprint, organizations can seamlessly integrate disparate data sources, streamline data workflows, and derive actionable insights at scale.

“At Blueprint, we’re dedicated to empowering organizations to unlock the full potential of their data assets,” said Ryan Neal, President and CEO of Blueprint. “By migrating to Unity Catalog, organizations can retire legacy tools and streamline their data operations, setting the stage for enhanced efficiency and innovation. We’ve observed that the longer organizations wait to migrate, the more complex and costly the transition becomes. That’s why we’re committed to providing a seamless migration pathway with our Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator, ensuring organizations can maximize the value of their data assets without delay.”

For more information about Blueprint’s Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator, visit here.

About Databricks

Databricks is the unified analytics platform powering AI-driven enterprises. By unifying data engineering, data science, and analytics on a single, collaborative platform, Databricks enables organizations to accelerate innovation and drive business value with data. With native integrations to cloud data lakes and a scalable, serverless architecture, Databricks empowers organizations to harness the full potential of their data to fuel AI-driven insights and applications.

About Blueprint Technologies

Blueprint is redefining the data solutions ecosystem. Headquartered in the greater Seattle area with employees across the US and Europe, Blueprint is a technology solutions firm that is committed to delivering an informed world. Focusing on customer experience and intelligent supply chain in retail, manufacturing, technology and the federal government, we enable digital transformation by offering technology solutions that build digital culture, make employees more productive, improve satisfaction and increase revenue. We believe that when the right information is delivered at the right moment to the right person we have the ability to change a person’s life, the success of a company, innovate an industry, improve the services of a city- even the future of the world.

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