Blueprint Technologies announces the general availability of software product, Conduit

BELLEVUE, WA., (May 1, 2018) — Blueprint Technologies, a nationwide technology solutions firm that specializes in digital transformation, announced the general availability of their software product Conduit. Conduit is a software product that provides businesses with a secure data transit solution that connects data systems and sources to any business intelligence visualization tools.

Unlike other products, Conduit works with data sources such as Elasticsearch, DB2, OData, Azure/MS SQL and AtScale securely translates to any business intelligence visualization tool such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, and more. The key difference? Real-time access to data. “Many visualization tools have great multi-dimensional interfaces but can’t speak effectively to critical data sources” said Chris Carter, Managing Director of Technology and Product at Blueprint. “Conduit provides an interface that facilitates data translation and real-time queries to your visualization tools and other data sources. With full metadata translation, Conduit can read the metadata out of all of your cube structures and present it in an identical fashion, enabling you to take advantage of the full rich experience of your data.”

Many companies today are investing heavily into their data platform and engineering solutions as part of their digital transformation goals. As part of this process, companies are looking for ways to completely change the way they process and access their data, enabling departments across organizations to access data real-time. “Our key value differentiator is real time access to data sources with popular BI tools like Power BI, Tableau, Qlik etc.” said Claudiu Barbura, Head of Product Engineering. “We focus on empowering the higher level users, like analysts, and truly expose data and analytics in real time. We do this without the need to employ data and application engineering teams to customize the publishing of data and insights for them. Stay tuned for some really cool data virtualization and ML model features exposed through Conduit in the same BI tools.”

Data security is also a very important component for a company’s digital transformation strategy. “We understand that our customers want to maintain their data sovereignty. Rather than copying data from one system into another and then copying it back out, Conduit transports your data directly from one system to another” said Gary Nakanelua, Blueprint’s Managing Director of Invention and Disruption. “Data stays within your environment, avoiding problems often introduced by other SaaS solutions. You keep your data where it belongs and maintain your existing governance policies.”

Conduit is available today for purchase, but for those wanting a free demo before making a decision can request one through Conduit’s website. Blueprint’s Managing Director of Client Development, Tom Taylor, actually recommends requesting a free demo. “This product is unlike any other. But to truly know that yourself, you need to run some queries, test and interact with it firsthand to understand what a difference it can make in your environment.”  Conduit is available to users who work in the cloud or on-premise.

To learn more about Conduit and request a demo, go to

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