Blueprint Solution Architect, Shannon Lowder, recognized as Databricks Champion 

Bellevue, WA — March 14, 2024

Blueprint proudly announces that Shannon Lowder, Solution Architect, has been honored as a Databricks Champion for his exceptional expertise and significant contributions to the Databricks platform. 

Databricks, a leading provider of unified analytics solutions, empowers data teams to collaborate and innovate with data-driven insights. Achieving champion status with Databricks is a prestigious accomplishment that signifies Shannon’s deep understanding of the platform and his outstanding contributions to leveraging its capabilities. 

“As a recently named Databricks Champion, I firmly believe that our journey in data analytics is not just about personal accomplishments but also about fostering a community where knowledge sharing and continuous learning are paramount,” said Shannon Lowder. “This mission has been the driving force in my career since 2010 when I first became involved with PASS. This community shared their knowledge with me, which was so helpful in my career that I wanted to pay it forward. Let’s pave the path forward by empowering each other, giving back, and truly transforming the businesses that impact our day-to-day lives.” 

Shannon has demonstrated exemplary skills in data engineering, platform management, extending the platform and automation. His recent accomplishment includes the development of Blueprint’s Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator, designed to expedite the Unity Catalog (UC) migration process while minimizing errors. This innovative tool ensures a seamless transition, allowing organizations to harness the true value of their data assets. By automating critical aspects of the migration journey such as schema mapping, data lineage preservation, and metadata management, Blueprint’s Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator mitigates complexities inherent in data migration processes. 

“We are thrilled to see Shannon recognized as a Databricks Champion,” said Heather Glynn, Managing Director of Solutions Delivery at Blueprint. “His dedication, expertise, and innovative approach to leveraging the Databricks platform have been instrumental across multiple client engagements and, most impressively, in the creation of Blueprint’s Brickbuilder Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator. This recognition reflects not only Shannon’s individual accomplishments but also Blueprint’s commitment to excellence in data analytics.” 

As a Databricks Champion, Shannon joins an elite group of professionals at the forefront of driving innovation and transforming businesses through data analytics. This achievement not only highlights Shannon’s capabilities but also underscores Blueprint’s leadership in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver value to our clients and stakeholders. 

Shannon will continue to play a key role in advancing Blueprint’s data analytics initiatives, leveraging his expertise in Databricks to drive innovation, efficiency, and business impact for all our customers. 

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