Partner spotlight: Blueprint and Databricks

Blueprint Technologies, an award-winning technology company known for helping companies digitally transform and grow, has an established partnership with Databricks, the data and AI company, to deliver enterprise-grade, agile data solutions to customers worldwide. 

Since the partnership began, Databricks and Blueprint have collaborated to provide value to customers by reducing time-to-value and quickly maturing organizations’ data infrastructure, thereby accelerating their journey to a data-driven culture.

In response to joint customer demand, Blueprint provides an intuitive and powerful method for business users and analysts to help accelerate sophisticated and actionable data-driven analytics solutions with Databricks.

Blueprint’s methodology has provided three immediate benefits to customers:

  • Productivity has instantly increased through powerful analytics capabilities. Data engineers, data scientists, and business users alike experienced faster user adoption.
  • Data has been processed faster with the implementation of Databricks’ Unified Data Analytics Platform. Users are solving the most complex analytics problem faster than ever before.
  • Business insights are now available to more users across the organization to drive game changing, cross-company decisions.

“Databricks and Blueprint have well-aligned visions for bringing data and AI solutions to customers,” said Marc Lobree, Business Development Lead at Databricks. “Blueprint’s data platform and digital transformation capabilities will help our joint customers make the most of their data.”

Eric Vogelpohl, Director of Solutions Development, adds “Databricks and Blueprint together can usher in an era in which organizations of all sizes can rapidly scale-out an agile data infrastructure while adopting the systems and processes to become truly data-driven.  Together, we harmonize IT and business teams and focus the organization, allowing it to take advantage of its most valuable resource- namely data.”

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About Blueprint Technologies:

Blueprint is a technology solutions firm that helps companies accelerate their success through digital transformation. As business leaders with a deep appreciation for technology enablement, we help organizations create and launch digital strategies including cutting-edge products, services, and business models that serve a modernized organization and prioritize high-quality customer experiences. Blueprint aims to identify opportunities that bring automation and intelligence to information consumption with a goal of implementing and deploying infrastructure that drives higher agility and reliability, ultimately allowing organizations to make more confident decisions. With a proven track-record across multiple billion-dollar industries, Blueprint has built state-of-the-art software solutions and proofs-of-concept that deliver immediate impact and tangible value. Blueprint is based in Bellevue, WA and has delivery teams located in Dallas, TX and Charlotte, NC, with a talent presence spanning across multiple states in the US. 

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