Convert strangers
into superfans

Don’t let your customers be strangers. Know your customer. Take action from your data.

Hey retailers!

Getting insights from your data can be strenuous and time-consuming. Let’s change that. As your technology partner, we’ll take you from initial data collection all the way to making data-driven business decisions — at record speed. With timely reporting, you’ll be equipped to know what your customer wants, when they want it and where they want it.

We understand how big this challenge can be and have a solution for you.

QSR Platforms we can improve
QSR Platforms we can improve
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We'll take care of your data framework, so you can take care of your customers

With quick, easy access to your data, you can immediately start acting on data-driven insights that impact your customer lifetime value. We’ll update your architecture to handle streaming data directly to the cloud and connect it to your analytics platform. We will streamline and simplify your environment and make sure it’s easy to navigate, flexible and scalable. Our priority is delivering data to you as fast as possible so that you can make company and customer-related decisions faster. We know your industry, and we’ve done this before.

Hi, we're Blueprint

We deliver intelligence that matters. We partner closely with our clients in the retail industry to develop solutions tailored to their specific problems.

Many ways to initially engage

We start with a friendly conversation, then suggest next best steps. This typically comes in the form of a Course of Action Assessment but we always customize to your needs.

Technology partnerships and capabilities

We’re platform and cloud agnostic.

We're technology agnostic and work with your platform of choice

Access your data in real time

Turn your customer data into real-world action. Contact us for a conversation.