Nash Video Analytics

Advanced video analytics solution

Detection, tracking and pattern-based insights

Acquire deeper understanding of customers, employees and areas of interest with the NASH Video Analytics solution. Your video assets contain key INSIGHTS that can drastically improve organizational intelligence capabilities. NASH’s advanced analytics and machine learning technologies built on Azure allow you to take control of those assets to accurately detect and track objects in motion, extract pattern-based insights and more.

NASH Video Analytics

Increase accuracy

Integrate geospatial and pattern-of-life analytics with existing datasets to improve trend- and event-level prediction, driving increased operational efficiency and revenue.
NASH Video Analytics - Widening Datasets

Widen usable datasets

Augment existing analytical capabilities with event and behavioral pattern discovery across disparate video assets, allowing for consumption of high-volume data feeds, such as road traffic.

NASH Video Analytics - Speed up video analysis

Speed up analysis

With a configurable cloud-based CPU and GPU processing pipeline, reduce video asset processing timelines and incorporate insights into analysis work streams substantially faster than with traditional on-premise infrastructure.


Advanced threat detection

Vehicle traffic & mobility analysis

Urban planning

Retail store operations

Infrastructure management

Emergency response planning

How NASH works

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