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Leveraging advanced AI technology, such as predictive analytics and intelligent forecasting, financial institutions can revolutionize their operations. These technologies empower organizations to proactively combat fraud, optimize risk management strategies, and enhance customer service through automation and personalization. Through the solutions powered by Blueprint, financial firms can achieve significant efficiency gains, strengthen security protocols, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Strategic solution sets

Robust solutions built for high-value business use cases

Fraud Detection and Prevention:

Proactively detect and prevent fraudulent activities through AI by rapidly analyzing massive datasets and implementing advanced security measures. 

Intelligent Underwriting:

Enhance the accuracy and efficiency of risk assessments by leveraging machine learning algorithms, enabling swift and precise analysis of vast datasets for informed decision-making and competitive advantage.

Portfolio Management Optimization:

Employ advanced algorithms to dynamically allocate assets based on real-time market conditions, effectively minimizing risk exposure while maximizing returns for financial institutions and investors. 

Credit Scoring and Loan Prediction:

Analyze diverse data with machine learning, providing you with comprehensive insights into borrowers’ creditworthiness and enabling more accurate risk assessment and loan approvals. 

Personal Financial Planning and Advice:

Empower personalized financial guidance with advanced analytics, tailoring advice to individual goals, risk profiles, and preferences, optimizing users’ fiscal health and enhancing their financial management experience. 

Generative BI and Intelligent Forecasting:

Glean insights from vast volumes of data, facilitating informed decision-making and achieving diverse financial goals. Streamline data processing, optimize resource allocation, and enhance operational efficiency to achieve cost savings and improved overall performance.

Privacy by Design

A comprehensive, four-pillar approach designed to navigate the complex landscape of data privacy. By integrating data management, robust security, data governance, and organizational change management, we empower organizations to confidently safeguard sensitive data. Partner with Blueprint to elevate your data privacy strategy, ensuring compliance, trust, and operational excellence at every step

Regulatory | Legal

Obligations affecting the data lifecycle for PI/PHI


Considerations for customer protections


Corporate guidance for data usage


Transparency, fairness, and integrity reporting

Data Management

Security, Audit, Compliance

Data Governance

Management Operations

Databricks Focus for Finance

Databricks Partnership

Data Sharing & Marketplace

Unity Catalog & SQL Analytics

English as the New Analytics Language

Data Privacy & Governance

Featured offerings and accelerators

Unity Catalog Migration

Our solution, powered by the Lakehouse Optimizer, propels your UC migration process, expediting it while minimizing errors, thanks to our meticulously crafted and rigorously tested solution.

Lakehouse Optimizer

Optimize your lakehouse costs, minimize your total cost of ownership, and drive more value from your cloud workspaces with the Lakehouse Optimizer by Blueprint.

Webinar series

Mastering TCO with Databricks

A Blueprint series feat. President and CEO Ryan Neal

Unlock the tools to master Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with Databricks in this educational three-part webinar series. We’ll  delve into TCO analysis intricacies, comparing Databricks with alternatives to reveal long-term economic benefits. Gain the necessary tools to accurately define Databricks’ TCO within your organization, empowering informed decisions for future data strategies.

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