You should be a tech company: Modern data estate


April 14, 2021

11:00 am PDT



Featured Speakers

Eric Vogelpohl - Director of Solutions Development

Eric Vogelpohl

Solutions Development


Zoe Douglas

Development Manager
Business Intelligence Engineering

Bobby Huang - Director of Product Marketing

Bobby Huang

Product Marketing

Claudiu Barbura - Director of Engineering

Claudiu Barbura


If you're not getting real-time insights from your data, you're missing out.

Join our panel of data experts as they discuss trends influencing modern data estates.

Leaders face endless decisions when designing their data estate strategy. The end goal of any data estate is to ensure that key insights are surfaced as quickly as possible, and when a modern data estate is designed and implemented correctly, business intelligence flows freely, providing the basis for data-driven decisions.

Join our panel of data experts as they discuss all aspects of a modern data estate, from industry-leading trends, the role of data lakes and data warehouses in data infrastructure, to the impact of streaming data.

Whether you’re a developer, an analyst, a manager or a C-level executive, you won’t want to miss this.