Blueprint Public Event

Webinar: Data Migration using Conduit

March 07 2019 | 9 AM PST

Data Migration enabled by Conduit, a secure and lightweight data virtualization tool

Join our webinar as Blueprint Technologies’ Principal Development Manager, Claudiu B., leads us through data migration using Conduit. Conduit unleashes the power of your data by securely connecting data sources to the business intelligence tools you rely on in real time. No more delays, no more complicated platforms, simply one lightweight, ultra-secure connection solution to empower your business.


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Data democratization: Centralize and unify diverse data sources and send data to visualization and intelligence tools in real time. 

Hybrid joins: Join related data from disparate datasets as if they came from the same source. 

Flexible authentication: Consolidate access to your data sources and easily manage user permissions. 

Active Directory integration: Conduit provides a mapped security layer by authenticating users through Active Directory. 

API data access: Expose your existing datasets as REST APIs for developers and automation initiatives with the same security as the source. 

Architecture agnostic: Deploy on-prem, to the cloud, or in hybrid scenarios.