Webinar: Customer Loyalty & Privacy Optimization


March 29, 2022

10:00 am PST



Featured Speakers

Mark Milone - Director of Data Strategy

Mark Milone

Director of Data Strategy

Tenny Pan | Ethos Privacy

Tenny Pan

Privacy Program Manager

Miss the event? Watch the recording:

Blueprint + Ethos Privacy

Understand your customer base and upscale your loyalty program

Join us for a webinar around different loyalty program privacy strategies designed to support business goals while continuing to build brand reputation and trust with your audience.

Today’s privacy conscious consumers realize their data is currency and expect assurance that their data will not be mishandled or appropriated. Transparency and trust are critical elements for all privacy programs, and this is particularly true for those organizations looking to understand their customers better to provide more personalized experiences. 


  • Learn ways to assess the maturity level of the data, people, process, technology and metrics that support your customer loyalty programs.
  • Get insight into actions to increase data management capabilities based on current maturity levels.
  • Learn about data risk management strategies that optimize for privacy and strengthen customer trust through specific examples.