The importance of intelligent in-store inventory management

This webinar will outline the benefits of combining existing internal data with partner data to create a holistic view of a company’s customers.


July 28, 2021

11:00 am PDT



Featured Speakers

Jason McCracken

Jason McCracken

Regional Sales Director

Thomas Shaw

Thomas Shaw

Regional Director
South Central

Miss the event? Watch the recording:

Recognizing and capitalizing on patterns in retail

From REI and Costco to TMO and Smart and Final, every brick-and-mortar retailer should have a holistic view of their data.

By combining AI, ML, RPA and high-speed GIS data into retail analytics, companies can drastically increase sales velocity and customer satisfaction at individual locations. This webinar will outline the benefits of combining existing internal data with partner data, like Precisely’s GIS data, to create a complete view of a company’s customers and learn how they can serve those customers in a faster, more accurate and meaningful way.