See you at the Sustainability Next Summit

Join Blueprinters Sy Reeves and Scott Alford at this Sustainability event where key speakers will be discussing the impacts on plastics and the developing technology needed to build a more circular economy.


November 16, 2022

10:00 am EST



Blueprint Attendees

Sy Reeves, Account Executive, Blueprint Technologies

Sy Reeves

Account Executive

Scott Alford, Operations Manager

Scott Alford

Operations Manager

Supporting a Circular Economy with Technology and Innovation

Global sustainability efforts—particularly plastics circularity efforts—are at a critical inflection point. While sustainability commitments are accelerating in every corner of the globe, the infrastructure and technical solutions to achieve these ambitions are not developing at the same pace. That’s why it is imperative that companies, individuals, and governments partner to drive both products and technology innovation, as well as infrastructure development and implementation. Meanwhile, consumer sentiments toward the environmental aspects of products and packaging are complex—and changing.

Dow and Fast Company are bringing together business and sustainability leaders for the Sustainability Next Summit to consider these opportunities and challenges. This year’s Summit will dive into learnings from around the world, convening experts to discuss how the sustainability landscape is evolving globally, the impact plastics continue to have on the future of people and our planet, the technology – in recycling and beyond – that will allow us to transition to a circular economy, and how the benefits of businesses improving their environmental performance ultimately impact the retail shelf, where consumers make purchasing decisions.