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May 3, 2023

Modern Infrastructure & Security for Databricks

Welcome to “MLOps in Databricks” – a hands-on training workshop designed to demonstrate the benefits of using Databricks for end-to-end machine learning operations. 

Welcome to “Modern Infrastructure & Security for Databricks” – a training workshop designed to demonstrate best practices for configuring your cloud environment for the Databricks Lakehouse.

In this workshop, learn how to manage your deployments through infrastructure-as-code using Terraform, integrate with your enterprise IAM tools, and set policies to set your organization up for success.

We’ll demonstrate how to build a Databricks workspace, complete with a storage account and supporting cloud services. The automated build sequence will ensure the following details are set according to best-practice guidelines:

In the workshop we will show you how to:

We will discuss the benefits of using an infrastructure-as-code approach in your organization and how DevOps teams can extend this functionality with data pipeline CI/CD management patterns for even greater efficiency and control.

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