GEOINTegration Summit

Blueprint's Gary Nakanelua will showcase NASH, our newest video analytics software on the Azure Marketplace.


September 28, 2020

1:00 pm PDT


Virtual Conference

Gary Nakanelua

Gary Nakanelua

Managing Director of Innovation

Gary is responsible for the experimentation and creation of Blueprint’s transformative solutions and products.

Advanced Video Analytics with NASH

Nash Video Analytics

Join Blueprint’s Managing Director of Innovation, Gary Nakanelua, as he showcases NASH, Blueprint’s video analytic software now available on Azure Marketplace.


Derive deeper insight into your customers, employees, and areas of interest with the Nash Video Analytics solution. Advanced analytics and machine learning technologies built on Azure allow you to take control of your video assets to accurately detect and track objects in motion, extract pattern-based insights, and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Integrate geospatial and pattern-of-life analytics with existing datasets to more accurately predict trends, improve operational efficiency, and reduce time to insight. 
  • Augment existing analytical capabilities with event and behavioral pattern discovery across disparate video assets.
  • With a configurable cloud-based CPU and GPU processing pipeline, reduce video asset processing timelines to incorporate insights into analysis work streams in a fraction of the time compared to traditional on-premise infrastructure.
About GEOINTegration Summit

The USGIF GEOINTegration Summit is a multi-day event focused on professional self-discovery and personal branding, with new geospatial opportunities for collaborations. This summit will explore alternative futures scenarios; discuss transformations in geospatial education, research and professional development; identify challenges and shortcomings as well as successful examples shared by stakeholders; and propose solutions to generational shifts.

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