Data Insights Workshop


December 8, 2021

2:00 pm PST



Featured Speakers

Cori Hendon - Data Science Solution Architect

Cori Hendon

Data Science
Solution Architect

Eric Vogelpohl - Director of Solutions Development

Eric Vogelpohl

Managing Director
Tech & Strategy

Dan Kernaghan | Precisely speaker

Dan Kernaghan

Product Specialist
Cloud and Big Data Solutions


Use data science to inform site selection

This workshop will explore the impact data enrichment can have on identifying new physical store locations.

Join us for a workshop where we explore the role data validation and enrichment can play in making business decisions. With Precisely’s geo-enriched socio-demographic data, we will showcase the role data plays in predicting the attendance and reception of new storefronts in a simulated business scenario.

If you’re interested in:

  • Enhancing your business data with Precisely
  • Making better data-driven business decisions
  • Learning how to use applied data science to identify new storefronts
  • Understanding data enrichment capabilities

This is the workshop for you!