Balancing experience and data for workplace design

Join us for a panel on the future of workspace planning and design in a post-pandemic world.


November 18, 2020

9:30 am PST



Moderated BY:
Thomas Hallstrom

Thomas Hallstrom

Director, Client Development

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Executive Vice President
Colliers International

Design Manager
Burgess Design

Transaction Manager

VP / Portfolio Director
EQ Office

What will a modern workplace look like in a post-pandemic world?

With the needs of businesses and the expectations of their employees changing faster than ever, executives can no longer bank on gut feelings and personal experience alone to take on workplace planning and design challenges. The future of workspace planning and design will require a balance of experience and data science.

Blueprint has gathered industry experts to discuss what’s needed as the world embraces the new normal. They will detail modern office solutions that have worked and those that haven’t and lead a discussion around the shifting needs of offices and what technology will be in demand in a post-pandemic workplace. As digital transformation experts with expertise in data science and workplace modernization, Blueprint is here to ensure that your tech serves your mission and your customers and gives you the leading edge you need to remain competitive.

About the panelists

Bill Cooper - Colliers International

Bill is a commercial real estate broker with Colliers International. His focus over the last 20+ years has been guiding his clients through complex real estate decisions related to their office space leasing and/or acquisition. Strategic results require planning and understanding, there is a technology transformation happening in the way we all work.

His team works exclusively for tenants, allowing for full focus on developing and executing the most beneficial real estate strategy possible and outcome for his clients.

Office space is a symbol of your brand, culture and values, contributing to the attraction and retention of top talent. Over the last year Bill has been working with clients to understand the ever-changing landscape of how office space is utilized now and into the future.

Darcy Monday - Burgess Design

Darcy is Principal at Burgess Design who works with clients ranging from Microsoft to Institutional Real Estate Companies like EQ Office. Throughout her 20 years of industry experience, most recently Los Angeles and Seattle, she brings a wide view of what’s happening in the modern workplace.

A majority of her time has been focused on creating functional and flexible spaces for commercial offices. When working with clients, her team aims to understand the larger business strategies involved in creating appropriate experiences for the occupants.

Darcy understands that good design can have a great impact for the end-user and she values the idea that form follows function.

Sam Dommer – JLL

Sam works for JLL as a commercial real estate broker specializing in tenant representation on the Eastside. He pulls on his past experiences as an electrical engineer, Team USA Olympic rower, and D1 coach to deliver process-oriented solutions for complex real estate problems while maintaining a level of poise forged through successfully performing in extraordinary situations. Each of these environments were highly competitive, and Sam learned that the best leaders were those that made transparent decisions based on on-going research and data analysis. Those leaders who could back up each decision with clear data that was up to date, and those that could flexibly respond when new data came in– were the leaders that built the strongest legacies.

He is passionate about helping clients build foundations for strong legacies by bringing them the strongest tools available and helping them interpret the most up to date data using his background in computing and technology.

Zach Zaborowski – EQ Office

Zach is a Vice President at EQ Office (wholly owned affiliate of Blackstone). He’s responsible for leasing, operations, investments, and value creation efforts in the region; ensuring they align with EQ’s mission of helping companies attract, retain, and inspire talent by creating effective workplace environments.

Prior to joining EQ Office, Zach was a Senior Vice President at Broderick Group, where he worked with Landlords and Tenants to drive the best possible solutions for their real estate needs.

Thomas Hallstrom – Blueprint Technologies

Thomas has spent the past 15 years working with legal, government, tech, and nonprofit clients to bring order to informational chaos. As a Client Development Director for Blueprint Technologies with a focus on the modern workplace, Thomas sees digital transformation as the opportunity to combine existing assets with world-class technology to unlock additional revenue streams and new lines of business. This has resulted in opportunities to bring order to chaos for marquee clients as well as local healthcare nonprofits. He is a strong believer that the tech should always serve the business and not the other way around, and that solutions to seemingly impossible problems often materialize by jumping into an alpine lake.

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