Databricks Data Migration

The right data at the right moment enables critical decision-making for business agility, resiliency, automation and innovation.

Better insights start with better data

Our domain and industry expertise in modern data estate solutions enable you to quickly and effectively implement Databricks Lakehouse and data migrations to extract data intelligence and realize business value. You can maintain the reliability, performance and security of your data, all in an open-source format, making Lakehouse a cost-effective, highly scalable foundation for applying data science.

Databricks Lakehouse Implementation, Data Migration and Accelerators

We’ve partnered with businesses in the retail, manufacturing, public sector, and the oil and gas industries to design and implement solutions to their data management and intelligence challenges. If you’re experiencing any of the following business challenges, contact us for a Course of Action Assessment. Businesses large and small have benefited from our strategic and phased approach to their data management and intelligence needs.

Business Challenge Blueprint Solution / Tool Business Benefit / Value
Disparate systems and data silos prevent access to all data sources.

Lakehouse Implementation: Blueprint’s Modern Data Estate (MDE) built on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

A best-practice approach to data management and intelligence—with built-in flexibility, reliability, security and governance—that forms the foundation for actionable insights for decision-making, innovation and automation for operational efficiency.
Data silos traditionally separate analytics, business intelligence, data science and machine learning, which increases complexity and costs, resulting in unusable data and unrealized business value.
Lakehouse single, unified data architecture
A simplified data architecture eliminates silos, reduces complexity and lowers costs— allowing you to achieve greater roi by harnessing the full potential of your data analytics and ai initiatives.
Multiple processes may be required to support data and AI for every cloud platform.
Lakehouse support for multiple cloud environments (vendors) on a single platform
A consistent data management, security, and governance experience across all clouds frees up time for your data teams to focus on AI/ML models, data analytics and discovering insights.
Data comes in a variety of formats (i.e., video, audio, text, etc.) and data warehouses can lock you into a particular vendor.

Delta Lake: A data storage and management layer for your data lake that supports data from multiple silos and cloud vendors.

Replaces data silos with a single, low-cost data store for structured, semi-structured and unstructured data—both batch and streaming workloads—that enables you to scale data insights.
Traditional data lakes accumulate data in different formats, which makes maintaining reliable data challenging and can often lead to inaccurate query results.

Delta Ingestion Tool

Enables you to scale reliable data insights throughout the organization and run analytics and other data projects directly on your data lake—for up to 50X faster time-to-insight.

Increases productivity by optimizing for speed and scale with advanced features like advanced indexing and schema enforcement.
Growing data volumes impact data performance, slowing down analysis and decision making.

Delta Ingestion Tool

Makes new real-time data instantly available for data analysis, data science and machine learning.
With few auditing and governance features, data lakes are very hard to properly secure and govern.
Databricks Governance

Blueprint Data Governance (ESG)
A flexible, open-source environment in Apache Parquet reduces risk by quickly and accurately updating data in your data lake for compliance and maintaining audit logs. Meets GDPR and CCPA standards.
Data engineering across disparate data silos and multiple clouds increases complexity and can be extremely challenging.
Blueprint domain, industry and data engineering expertise

Unlock your data with Delta Lake and dramatically simplify data engineering with the following services and benefits:

  • Simplified data ingestion
  • Automated ETL processing
  • Reliable workflow orchestration
  • End-to-end observability and monitoring
  • Next-generation data processing engine
  • Foundation of governance, reliability and performance
Orchestrating a move from Hadoop or cloud data warehouses can be complex and time-consuming.

Databricks Migration

Delta Ingestion Tool

A best-practice migration methodology facilitates quick, agile iterations to deliver modernization, iteration, optimization and adoption with longest-lasting results. Quickly and securely migrate your data—from any source and any format—into your lakehouse environment.
Walled gardens (closed platforms or ecosystems) make it difficult to share data. Data sharing of various data formats to different endpoints, locations and clouds can be complex and problematic.

Blueprint Data Sharing Portal

Build your modern data stack with unrestricted access to the ecosystem of open-source data. Leverage the power, reliability and performance of Delta Lake to extend your ability to quickly and securely share data.

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