Accelerated Data Migration

A Databricks-powered lakehouse is the foundation of a modernized data ecosystem

We specialize in migrating your data, regardless of source, to a Databricks powered lakehouse.

The data lakehouse replaces the current dependency on data lakes and data warehouses for modern data companies that desire:

Open, direct access to data stored in standard data formats

Indexing protocols optimized for machine learning and data science.

Low query latency and high reliability for BI and advanced analytics. 

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The Blueprint Way

Blueprint’s data migration approach is driven by our deep expertise in transforming organizations to data + AI companies. We combine this expertise with a expansive set of migration accelerators. Regardless of the source, we specialize in migrating your data to Databricks.

Recognized by industry leaders

70% of cloud migrations fail, but 100% of Blueprint cloud migrations succeed.

Migration at a glance


  • Automate the discovery phase with analysis tools for size and complexity of the environment.
  • Accelerate the process with automated schema & code conversions and QA
  • Don’t just lift and shift, modernize to optimize performance and costs of the Lakehouse
  • Ensure legacy systems are fully decommissioned
  • Keep the business and user needs at the center of the process 


  • Convert up to 80% via accelerators

  • Get full documentation of conversions and new architecture

  • Maintain 100% optimization post-migration with our Lakehouse Optimizer

  • Confidence in Day 2 operations with full security and governance practices

  • Receive a customized roadmap for new use cases that migration unlocks

Powered by accelerators

Our pre-built accelerators enable you to migrate with speed, consistency, and quality.

Assessment Engine: 

Analyze source system metadata and code to accurately plan and forecast migration projects.

Conversion Automation: 

Batch refactor code from/to various data platforms — 80% or more of legacy code can by automated.

QA/QC Engine: 

See data outcomes in relation to processing jobs to ensure consistent results.

Lakehouse Optimizer:

Get real-time visibility to costs and performance of Databricks to ensure maximized ROI.

Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator:

Expedite migration with reduced manual intervention, fewer errors, and a streamlined process, limiting interference with ongoing operations.

Databricks reference architecture

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How to Engage

Ready to kick off a data migration project but unsure where to begin?
We offer several ways to begin your journey. We highly suggest one of these initial steps, but we’ll always recommend what’s best after our initial conversation.

Migration Assessment

A two-day process to run the analysis tools and conduct the workshop.

Use Case Modernization​

Modernize a single high-value use case or business process.

QuickStart (Accelerated POC)

A two-week accelerated proof of concept (POC) for new users that will:

Course of Action Assessment

Provides expert guidance with intimate business knowledge that:

Your platform on your cloud of choice

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