Data Intelligence

Leverage best-in-class data science workflow and advanced analytics for actionable insights that revolutionize customer experience and supply chain initiatives.

Delivering intelligence that matters

Data science, machine learning and AI technologies extract useful information from your data sources, empowering decision-makers with speed and insight. Streamline your end-to-end data science workflow—from data prep to modeling to sharing insights—with a collaborative, unified data science environment built on an open lakehouse foundation.

  • Get quick access to clean and reliable data, preconfigured clusters and multi-language support for maximum flexibility for data science teams
  • Collaboratively write code in Python, R, Scala and SQL, explore data with interactive visualizations and discover new insights with Databricks notebooks
  • Confidently and securely share code with co-authoring, commenting, automatic versioning, Git integrations, and role-based access controls.
  • Quickly connect notebooks to auto-managed clusters to scale analytics workloads as needed
  • Use your local IDE of choice with scalable compute and limitless data storage (or use RStudio or JupyterLab directly from within Databricks for a seamless experience)
  • Clean and catalog all your data—batch, streaming, structured or unstructured—and make it discoverable to your entire organization via a centralized data store
  • Ensure data quality and data versioning meets expectations and compliance
  • Easily discover, run interactive queries, and share actionable insights in dynamic dashboards
  • Share cells, visualizations and notebooks with role-based access control or export to multiple formats (HTML and IPython Notebook)

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