Data Science and Analytics

Human ingenuity enhanced with the power of AI

Unleash the potential of your data by augmenting human ingenuity with the power of AI. Data science, machine learning, and AI technologies extract deep insights and correlations hidden within your data to empower decision makers with wisdom instead of merely facts. Blueprint’s team works with you to operationalize data science initiatives to put the power of AI in your hands.

Identify new opportunities by finding correlations buried in datasets about your customers, markets, and operations.

Extract complex and hidden insights from data through rapid hypothesis iterations.

Enable planning through reduced uncertainty and better quantified risk.

Data Science the Blueprint Way

Your data holds valuable, untapped insights that can radically improve the way you make decisions, understand your customers, and plan for the future. Blueprint will help you discover and unlock that hidden wisdom and fully utilize the power of AI. We identify the quickest opportunity to demonstrate real value and work through multiple iterations, incorporating user feedback and domain knowledge to focus on the most important insights for your context.

Use Cases

Retail Video Intelligence

Use machine learning, AI, and computer vision to turn your customers’ behavioral patterns and interactions into actionable insights.

Portfolio Risk Modeling

Model risk under a range of situations for a given finance portfolio of investments and/or assets and use simulations to quantify risk levels.

Sales Forecasting

Model sales forecasts using historical sales and other data. Depending on context, store or region level forecasts will help optimize inventory management.

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