Blueprint Datalake Query Editor

A robust tool for querying and visualizing data in your data lake.

Quickly Explore and Discover Valuable Insights

The cloud elasticity and scalability inherent in modern data lakes enables you to store virtually unlimited amounts of data without the need to impose a schema or structure. The Blueprint Datalake Query Editor is a robust tool that allows you to easily run SQL queries without moving or copying your data, so you can quickly extract actionable insights for decisioning-making and business intelligence.

Blueprint Datalake Query Accelerator

Key Features and Benefits

  • Quickly and easily browse and view schema and available data
  • Use SQL commands to query your data and build visualizations based on those results
  • Run query tasks, parameters and filters
  • Share and modify query snippets to save time and work efficiently
  • Atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability (ACID) compliance ensures database queries are completed in a timely manner
  • Consolidate and simplify data enrichment for your data pipelines and analytics workflows
  • Audit and troubleshoot your data pipeline and see how your data changed over time
  • Get visibility into cache, file compaction, data skipping, and anomalies

Visualization Types

Query your data to tables Table
Query your data into candlestick (boxplot) charts Boxplot
Export your data into charts (bar, area and pie) Charts (bar, area, pie)
Export your data into cohort reports Cohort
Visualize your data with counters Counter
Visualize your data with funnel charts Funnel
Visualize your data in a map based on geo-locational targets Map
Mark and target your data visually Marker
Visualize your data in a heatmap Heatmap
Create pivot tables out of your data Pivot Table
Create sankey (flow charts) to visualize your data flow Sankey
Create sunburst charts based upon your data Sunburst
Visualize extensive wordclouds with your data Wordcloud
...and more

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