Blueprint Data Catalog​

A unified, transparent view of your data ecosystem—cloud, on-prem or hybrid.

A Common Data Model Speeds Time to Insights and Value​

Simply manage and govern all your data assets, including files, tables and machine learning models, on any cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environment with a common data model based on open standard ANSI SQL. The Blueprint Catalog lays the foundation to accelerate data science and analytics productivity. Faster business intelligence means faster results.

Creating a data catalog quickly and easily with Blueprint's Data Catalog Accelerator

Key Features and Benefits

  • Define and enforce access and security policies across all workloads and workspaces
  • Improve data science productivity with built-in data search functionality that allows you to quickly find, understand and reference data from across your data estate
  • Low-latency metadata serving and autotuning of tables delivers fast, scalable query performance
  • Gain end-to-end visibility into how data flows in your lakehouse with real-time, granular data lineage across all workloads and asset types — tables, notebooks, workflows and dashboards
  • Integrate to existing tools, with flexibility to leverage a common data model to scale for the future while minimizing migration costs
  • Open protocol supports data sharing across organizations and computing platforms
  • Granular audit logs ensure you meet audit and compliance requirements

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