Data governance


At Blueprint, we believe that when the right information is delivered to the right person it makes for the best business decisions. We can help you build your data ecosystem to be more dependable and reliable with established rules, securities and commitments. By identifying data owners and data consumers, we can mature your data governance practice to ensure your business allows data visibility that does not compromise security, privacy or risk management.


Identify impactful, visible, relatable opportunities

Determine the highest impact/priority of your data sharing based upon importance, feasibility, data risk and tangible ROI.

Modernize data culture

Optimize and automate existing data architecture to adhere to a set of rules and guidelines maintained by your data stewards to ensure existing data and newly-created data complies with company policy.

Adapt with ease

Solve current data needs while providing tools and a hierarchy of data rules to adapt and grow efficiently.

Enabling frontline business actions

Make informed business decisions based on recent, relevant and up-to-date data.

Data governance the Blueprint Way

Data is rapidly generated across all facets of an organization, often leading to a data web that is difficult to navigate and impossible to share with consumers. Blueprint’s expertise and proven methodologies identify high-impact data governance use cases to prove value quickly, then iterate, mature and scale to meet your needs. By identifying the roles your data producers have to the contribution of your data, establishing a set of data classification rules and attributions, and understanding data quality and lineage, we can help you connect your data to the leaders and teams who understand and execute business objectives.

Sample use cases

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