Conduit is a cost-effective, lightweight data virtualization tool with a robust query engine, comprehensive security and a best-in-class user experience.

Unlock the full value of your data assets

Real-time analytics – Immediate data availability drives smart, timely business decisions, regardless of platform limitations

Unified data access – Manage and explore data stored in multiple locations in a single environment, without having to copy it

High-speed queries – Crunch hundreds of millions of records in seconds at no additional cost

Discover, evaluate, catalog – Easily navigate all of your data and gain valuable business context


Connect to your data and query it
when you need it, as you need it

Connect your data from the source

Securely connect data from disparate sources, locations and formats across your business

Conduit Data Virtualization

Combine your data in one virtual space

Combine and normalize data in a temporary virtual space, removing the need to make copies of data for each use

Conduit Data Virtualization
Conduit Data Virtualization - Query Instantly

Query millions of records instantly

Using optimized RAPIDs GPU and Spark CPU engines, process 15 million records in less than 100 milliseconds

Conduit Data Virtualization

Unlock insights from your data

Provide data to applications, processes, analytics and business users easily and in real time


Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
Conduit Oracle Connector
Apache Hadoop Integrator

Speed, security and cost-efficiency in one package


Connect to data and start exploring right away, with install and configuration taking as little as two hours.


Consolidate different data types stored in disparate locations directly from their source and “virtualize” them holistically in in single environment for analysis and application usage.


Utilize optimized Spark CPUs as the primary processor, but tap into super-fast GPUs as needed for large data science work. Conduit’s query engine crunches hundreds of millions of records in seconds.


Minimize data security concerns with Conduit’s SSL encryption and control access with easily managed permissions.


Take complete control of your data virtualization costs with Conduit’s unique flat-fee payment structure, providing customers easily predictable and transparent costs independent of usage volume.



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