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Data virtualization should be frictionless, lightweight and secure.
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Business moves faster than the pace of traditional data integration.

We believe in breaking down the barriers imposed by traditional data integration practices and empowering teams to harness the power of data. Data virtualization addresses the business need to have unified, quick access to data in real time against the backdrop of a complex data landscape involving data silos, latency, and a span of technologies that don’t natively connect to one another. Data virtualization is the key to a modern data management strategy and should be frictionless, lightweight, and secure.

Conduit is a data virtualization solution that enables real-time connectivity to data sources and combining multiple data sources into a single source. It works in cloud, hybrid-cloud, and on-premise environments.


Reduce the time to value when integrating new data sources into existing enterprise initiatives.

Provide secure access to data on-premise and across multiple cloud providers, including Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

Real-time access to connected data within your notebooks, applications and analysis tools like Power BI and Tableau.

Increase the adoption of data within on-premise data warehouses and across multiple cloud providers, including Azure, AWS and Google Cloud

Quickly add new data connections and control access to that data via a simple UI.

Easily work with data in the format you need. Find the data you need and use it in the tools you choose.

Read how Conduit provides fast and simple real-time access.


No need for large implementation initiatives. Enterprise availability in less than an hour.

Self-service installation and configuration within less than an hour.

Get started quickly with a simple installation into your existing cloud subscriptions, including Azure and AWS.

Avoid investments into expensive on-premise hardware or large cloud virtual machines. Conduit scales with usage.

No need for specialized server equipment purchases. Conduit supports multi-instance installations on commodity hardware and virtual machines, scaling as users, teams, and workloads increase.

All inclusive installation. No additional drivers or gateway software needed.

Read how Conduit makes data virtualization simple and low cost.


Save time and money by reducing administrative overhead.

Confidently maintain compliance by increasing audit-ability, efficiency, and enforcement.

Active Directory integration and single sign-on keep your data sources secure.

Read how Conduit can save on the unspoken cost of building data pipelines.

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Learn how to leverage Conduit in a real-time analytics scenario using Power BI to unlock insights from a dataset stored in Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

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Integrations and Connectors

Conduit was designed to be tool and backend agnostic.
Here are some of Conduit’s most popular integrations and connectors.


Azure Database for PostgrSQL
  Database for MySQL
  Database for Maria DB
  Blob Storage
  Elasticsearch Service
AWS RDS for Maria DB
  RDS for MySQL
  RDS for PostgreSQL
  Elasticsearch Service
Google Cloud Elasticsearch Service
Databases Microsoft SQL
Generic Protocol OData


Generic Protocol OData
Services & Apps MS Dynamics 365
  Power BI

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