Case Studies

Problem solving at its best.

Transforming financial management tracking, clarity of workflow processes and standard operating procedures to conserve our nation’s coastal and marine ecosystems
Creating a faster, more effective decision-making platform with timely, accurate data for an international quick-service restaurant chain
Increasing sales while reducing real estate with a centralized data model and increased speed to insight
Reducing annual cloud spend and maximizing ROI with cluster configuration and improved cloud usage visibility
Automating sales processes and building a seamless data infrastructure for a fast growing waste management company
Building a modern data platform for an expanding oil and gas company to meet strategic growth goals and improve data ingestion
Owning a change management strategy and knowledge transfer for an international telecommunication company reducing vendor contracts
Facilitating interdepartmental conversations for a global coffee company to improve the in-store customer experience
Improving an existing data pipeline to reduce time-to-insight and applying a machine learning model to better search available data
Launching a modern intranet to streamline user experience, centralize common resources and improve internal communication within a university
Creating an end-to-end AI/ML data pipeline to eliminate inefficient marketing, reduce intra-brand competition and increase profitability
Establishing a cloud solution for an onboard truck scale manufacturer to enable access to near real-time data and open the door to a new software as a service

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