Multilingual Customer Support at a Global Scale


Blueprint delivered and continues to operate a scalable customer support desk that elevates the customer experience and matches the continuing growth and success of our client’s online gaming and retail platform.

Our work

The Problem

Our client develops and maintains a global online gaming and digital distribution platform that allows gaming companies to build, distribute, and sell games and digital resources to a vast internet community. As the platform flourished worldwide, customer support requirements increased to the point where service teams had accumulated a backlog of over 100,000 support requests with an average response time of nearly 6 months. At that volume, the inability to support customers began impacting customer retention, hindering sales to new customers, damaging partner relations, and harming the company brand. 

The Blueprint Way

By first understanding the business, ecosystem, and community, Blueprint quickly sourced high-quality, skilled talent using our recruiting engine and created a new support framework that elevates the customer experience while seamlessly integrating into the client’s unique company culture. Our team of over 200 support engineers—supporting 18 languages—eliminated the ticket backlog in the first year and achieved all SLA targets. The client awarded a contract to Blueprint before the trial period was over due to the quality of the partner experience and the team’s demonstrated ability to rapidly reduce the backlog while maintaining a high level of support for customers. The Blueprint team has more than doubled since the award of the initial contract and continues to drive customer success today.


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