How intelligent analytics supercharged a global staffing leader

Our client, a professional staffing company with over 860 franchise locations in five countries that has put more than 10 million people to work worldwide, had a strategic initiative to gain deeper visibility and insights into the analytics of their workforce. Blueprint created user-friendly analytics dashboards to better understand their candidate lifecycle, financial impact, and franchise performance. 

Client snapshot

Who:  Leading Staffing Provider
Industry: Staffing solutions
Domain: Workforce at scale 
Technology and software: Power BI, Databricks, and Azure

What we did

  • Built Power BI dashboards to consume data and maximize staffing efficiencies. 
  • Established a data governance framework to improve data accuracy and consistency.
  • Used advanced analytics and predictive modeling to identify offices most likely to meet objectives. 


  • 800+ databases streaming to Delta Lake. 
  • 300GB data transferred to Databrick’s Delta Lakehouse.   
  • 100GB projected future usage. 
  • 500 users in self-service Power BI dashboards.

Client background

A recent inductee into Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 Hall of Fame, sought to build a data migration tool that would seamlessly integrate with their existing legacy systems, connect hundreds of disparate databases, and enable new levels of reporting capabilities that could better understand candidate pipeline status and the associate lifecycle. Blueprint was tasked with migrating a large portion of the company’s data to Databricks Delta Live Tables, taking it from on premises to the cloud.

The Blueprint Way

Following a thorough assessment of our clients’ needs and goals, Blueprint applied a best-practice approach to build a modernized data estate and delivering a data and AI platform that would help the organization to better understand, optimize, and scale their workforce.

Begin discovery and assessment

Build an intelligent data estate

Apply analytics and data science

Discovery and assessment

During the discovery and assessment process, three areas of focus were identified: the associate (i.e., a vendor placed in a role for a client) lifecycle, the financial impact of associates without placement, and staff performance tracking and training. With objectives and priorities determined, Blueprint presented our client with a solution that would garner the data needed deliver meaningful insights and informed decisions. This solution included the delivery of custom Power BI dashboards that were both user-friendly and highly configurable. The two-phased approach proposed by Blueprint would enable the dashboards to be purpose-built for stakeholders across the organization, giving them an intuitive platform with the relevant data that would have been previously inaccessible.

Phase one: Build a comprehensive data estate


  • 800+ databases streaming to Delta Lake
  • 300GB data transferred to Databrick’s Delta Lakehouse

To unlock the disparate data housed within legacy systems across the organization, Blueprint deployed a proprietary migration tool to pull data from the more than 800 franchise databases that would then be deposited into a data lake. Once cleaned and transformed, the data was ingested to a Databricks lakehouse. Having this data available and modeled meant it could be properly viewed and analyzed for the first time by key decision-makers, such as the VP of Sales. Access to rich, meaningful data and comprehensive visibility helped to drive smarter business decisions and improve productivity across the organization, ultimately delivering unprecedented speed-to-value.

Phase two: Apply data science and analytics


  • 100GB projected future usage 
  • 500 users in self-service Power BI dashboards

In the second phase of the engagement, Blueprint built and delivered the Power BI dashboards to accurately track and report on previously identified areas of focus, as well as develop KPIs to monitor the candidate pipeline and the financial impact of each potential candidate outcome.
These included: 

  • Recruiting source  
  • Assigned and redeployed candidates  
  • Interview details  
  • Onboarding details

Additionally, Blueprint identified new ROI metrics that had large-scale impacts on the business. One example being lost gross margin for candidates not assigned, i.e., the opportunity cost associated with candidates who were interviewed but not onboarded. In this case, the dollar amount was a staggering multi-million dollar year-to-date, figure the company had not yet uncovered until this project.

Another key area of this solution was establishing data governance best practices for the business. Blueprint built a program that defined the business rules within the associate life cycle, as well as a data quality framework to ensure data accuracy and consistency—two pain points our client wanted to solve for. Blueprint utilized advanced analytics to build predictive modeling that could identify which franchise offices that were most—and least—likely to meet objectives.

Blueprint understands the importance of empowering all aspects of your business with intelligence. The world is speeding up thanks to technological advancements, and to keep pace with the rate of change, you need to make smarter decisions in shorter timeframes. We support our clients from ideation to execution, connecting their vision and unique needs to the right technology, at the right time.         

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