Integrating technology infrastructure and achieving true collaboration


A New York-based nonprofit focused on social services for children grew its operations into Puerto Rico, only to experience issues with its technology infrastructure and getting everyone “on the same page.” Using Microsoft’s Modern Workplace suite, Blueprint built around the client’s unique needs and focused on delivering seamless collaboration, merging two existing technology infrastructures into a single, scalable infrastructure, while minimizing the impact on the communities they serve.

Our work

The Problem

Organizations often face difficulties as they expand and add locations globally. The biggest difficulty is usually around achieving effective connectivity and collaboration that allows team members to work together when they are not co-located.

The expansion of operations drove an immediate need to merge and modernize the technical infrastructure between the New York headquarters and newly-acquired Puerto Rico location. This integration had to be delivered in such a way that it allowed remotely-located coworkers to collaborate effectively, decreased the technical debt and strain on the IT department and provided continual, uninterrupted service for its families in need.

The Blueprint Way

Providing both technical and strategic guidance for the client as well as all technical implementation, Blueprint brought in a team of IT experts with experience in both Modern Workplace implementation and nonprofit technical strategy to enabled smooth infrastructure integration, including successfully merging two Office 365 tenants into one shared environment with no disruptions, which almost immediately improved team collaboration and reduced the burden on the IT department.

Before diving into the work of creating a Modern Workplace for this nonprofit, Blueprint had an in-depth discussion about the needs of the organization and how they could be accomplished while making a cultural shift toward modernization. Blueprint provided an assessment of the organization’s existing Azure environment and identified quick areas for improvement as well as several cost-reduction tactics. This included migrating 150 years’ worth of records, including Health records, to the cloud and creating manuals and policies for Azure governance. The team also established SharePoint Hubs to better organize information in the cloud and save time.


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