Future-proofing infrastructure for a leader in holistic safety and wellness for schools and organizations

Blueprint optimized the data organization strategy for a leading holistic safety and wellness solutions provider, streamlining their infrastructure by consolidating 19 distinct AWS environments as well as multiple Databricks environments. Addressing challenges arising from a fragmented operational framework, Blueprint’s solution not only enhanced efficiency but also mitigated high costs. The implemented robust architecture and data privacy platform empower the client to seamlessly navigate acquisitions, ensuring future-proofing and positioning them to make a nationwide impact on safety and wellness, particularly in schools.

Client Snapshot


Holistic Safety and Wellness Solutions Company



Technology and software:

Amazon Web Services, Databricks on AWS, Unity Catalog, Delta Live Tables, Lakehouse Optimizer

Work Summary

What we did:

  • Evaluated the company’s existing data organization strategy to discern its strengths and opportunities to improve.
  • Optimized and consolidated multiple AWS and Databricks accounts, ensuring a cost-effective and seamless infrastructure.
  • Conducted a thorough analysis of data privacy and data estate, introducing an ingestion tagging framework to categorize new data and bolster security measures.
  • Ensured the client’s infrastructure is future-proofed, enabling seamless acquisitions and incorporation of diverse data types.
  • Installed the Lakehouse Optimizer powered by Blueprint to gain valuable insight into their Databricks usage patterns.

Client background

Our client is a leading provider of holistic safety and wellness solutions, catering to individuals, children, and communities. Their comprehensive suite covers threat detection, mental health education, safety management, and preparedness. Utilized by over 35,000 schools, 5,000 law enforcement agencies, and 4,400 businesses nationwide, their solutions, developed by industry experts, offer proven methods to save and enhance lives. With strategic guidance from a renowned advisory board, they are actively expanding offerings and unifying brands to address the pressing issues of violence and active shooters in our communities.

The challenge

Due to a series of acquisitions, our client’s operational framework ran on 19 different AWS accounts, each with diverse data formats, and was powered by multiple Databricks environments. This fragmented structure not only led to inefficiencies, hindering the ability to holistically analyze the extensive data they had accumulated, but kept costs unnecessarily high. Considering the nature of their business, which involves the analysis of confidential information, ensuring data privacy and security compliance emerged as critical considerations

The solution

The Blueprint team provided the client with a robust architecture and foundation, facilitating growth and scalability amid ongoing acquisitions. The integration of all AWS accounts into a unified infrastructure, powered by a single Databricks account, streamlined data governance within Unity Catalog. The consolidation streamlined the client’s operations, enabling seamless work across a unified account that encapsulated the development, staging, and production environments, fostering continuous growth without segmenting workspaces.

Next, our data privacy architects established a tailored data privacy and data estate platform, accommodating various data formats, from social media activity to student emails. Leveraging advanced Databricks technology, Blueprint pioneered a solution that enables different privacy levels through automated tagging. Working closely with Databricks, this innovative approach combines existing features with those in preview, ensuring utmost sensitivity to data. The implementation of automated tagging capabilities has greatly enhanced the client’s ability to audit sensitive data, monitor its movement, and easily review who has accessed the data.

Lakehouse Optimizer

To take it a step further, Blueprint installed the Lakehouse Optimizer to fine-tune their lakehouse costs, swiftly identify and resolve environment glitches, and deliver AI-driven suggestions for process enhancements. In just a month since deploying the tool, the client witnessed substantial value, resulting in savings of thousands of dollars in cloud costs.


This organization has the potential to make a nationwide impact on enhancing safety, particularly within schools—an issue frequently highlighted in recent media coverage. The prospect of proactively preventing crime and dangerous activities could alleviate the increasing concerns among students, parents, and other stakeholders. Shifting the focus to making schools environments dedicated solely to education and growth is paramount, and the success of our client has the capacity to spark widespread safety investments across the nation.

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