Explosive growth experienced through a modernized workplace

Client Snapshot

A New York City-based nonprofit provider of social services for children and families was experiencing growing pains as it expanded its field operations in New York City and within Puerto Rico. Its continued growth highlighted the organization’s manual processes as a roadblock hampering its ability to truly integrate new service areas and communities. Utilizing Microsoft’s M365 suite, Blueprint developed and implemented a solution built around the client’s unique circumstances and needs, delivering seamless, global collaboration.

Work Summary

The problem

Organizations often face difficulties as they expand globally. The biggest challenge in this case was offering effective connectivity and collaboration tools that would enable team members to work together across multiple physical locations. For this 150-year-old established nonprofit, that growth was hindered even more by outdated infrastructure and hardware.

The expansion of operations into new areas drove the immediate need to merge and modernize the technical infrastructure between headquarters and remote locations. This integration and system-wide upgrade needed to be delivered in such a way that it decreased the amount of manual work for employees while allowing remote coworkers to collaborate effectively. The solution would need to bring a decrease in technical debt as well as a decrease to the strain on the IT department. All of this was required while providing continual, uninterrupted service for children and families in need.

The Blueprint Way

Blueprint brought in an experienced modern workplace team to provide strategy, technical guidance and solution implementation. The team delivered a seamless infrastructure integration, including successfully merging three Office 365 tenants into one shared environment with no disruptions. This solution immediately improved team collaboration and reduced the burden on the IT department.

Before designing a modern workplace for this nonprofit, Blueprint held in-depth discussions on the needs of the organization, how they could be accomplished and what the cultural shift toward modernization would look like. Blueprint provided an assessment of the organization’s existing Azure environment and identified areas for quick improvement as well as several cost-reduction tactics. This involved migrating 150 years’ worth of records, including sensitive health data, to the cloud. The organization can now digitally access data that was previously locked in paper and microfilm at any time from the cloud. What previously took a staff member months to locate now takes seconds, allowing staff to serve ten times more children and families. Blueprint also created manuals and policies for Azure governance and established SharePoint Hubs to better organize information in the cloud and save time for multiple teams, which in turn allows the organization to provide even more services.


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