Escalating and resolving billing support on an enterprise level

Client Snapshot

A global technology, software and services company sought to outsource billing support for one of its largest cloud-based product suites and tapped Blueprint’s expertise in customer support strategy and technology to serve as the high priority escalation team.

Work Summary

The problem

To remain competitive, our client needed to continually minimize the time to issue resolution for enterprise clients. Frontline support agents fielded incoming support calls and tickets but were often unable to process the most difficult issues quickly, risking customer dissatisfaction. As a result, they engaged with Blueprint to design and implement a team and process that could efficiently respond to the most difficult tickets, which require more time to investigate and resolve.

The Blueprint Way

Beginning with a small implementation team, Blueprint quickly developed the processes allowing them to assume responsibility for all financial and payment discrepancies for large enterprise customers. The team would take over escalated issues within 30 minutes, reviewing symptoms to provide clarification, searching for existing solutions or providing details and resolution for the customer. Blueprint’s escalation support processes and team were so effective they were applied to other high-value customer support functions. Blueprint also provided validation of a live-chat support model for live problem solving that was then adopted by the client’s frontline support staff.

The Blueprint team also provided the knowledge base and start-up support for three international teams and continues to support this client with efficiency improvements for the wider customer support network.


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