Digital Makeover Powers Sustainable Growth in the Waste Management Industry

Blueprint was tasked by a waste management company to accelerate vital initiatives in their digital transformation journey. Starting with the development of a modernized data estate, Blueprint worked to adjust the organization’s IT capabilities, creating a secure data environment for planned acquisitions and future business needs. With a more efficient technology stack, our client successfully expanded into new markets, improving their customer experience along the way

Client Snapshot


Environmental Services 


CIO, IT Business Engagement Director, Sr. Enterprise Analysts, Sr. Business Systems Analysts



Technology and software:

Azure SQL, Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Data Factory, Azure API Management, Azure DevOps, Azure Maps, Azure Diagnostic Logging, Azure Active Directory, Power BI, Power Platform, Salesforce

Work Summary

What we Did:

  • Built an IT infrastructure that integrates internal business processes with sales and customer data.
  • Developed a modernized data estate, cloud security best practices, and sales enablement tools.
  • Created API’s for our client’s new e-commerce platform


  • Enabled streamlined acquisition and expansion into new markets.
  • Improved digital customer experiences.
  • Leveraged PowerBI to optimize ADF pipeline monitoring and expedite business reports

The challenge

Looking to scale their corporation, our client began development of an IT infrastructure that would integrate their internal business processes with their sales and customer data. The planned acquisition of new subsidiaries required modern, agile infrastructure with the capability to maintain secure data environments that will grow with the business.

The Blueprint Way

Blueprint was chosen to guide our client through their digital transformation journey. This began an ongoing engagement that included developing a modernized data estate, establishing cloud security best practices, creating sales enablement tools through modern workplace applications, and building an e-commerce platform to improve the customer experience.

Recognizing the client’s aim to seamlessly handle the integration of diverse data sources resulting from recent acquisitions, our approach kicked off by constructing a scalable data estate. This involved building a scalable data estate that would ingest the applications that were specific to each line of business, followed by integration into a modern technology stack.

We also improved the client’s Power BI dashboards by incorporating various data loads, enabling the monitoring of ADF jobs and issuing alerts for unsuccessful runs. Additionally, Blueprint provided the client’s Data & Reporting team with best practices learning sessions to optimize Power BI for ingesting CRM data related to waste management. This enhancement ensures more accurate and insightful reporting. Furthermore, a new “deep search” interface was created, offering more reliable search options than those available on SharePoint.

Next, we directed our efforts towards crafting best practices for cloud security, crucial for sustaining a scalable business model. Simultaneously, we developed sales enablement tools using modern workplace applications. The success of the ongoing digital transformation and growth is evident, with our continuous support in their journey. Present and upcoming projects involve the creation of a new customer e-commerce platform to enhance the customer experience, optimizing pricing and quote tools, and streamlining the invoice processing workflow.

Through the strategic modernization of their technology stack, our client has experienced substantial growth and success in executing their business strategy. They have now become the designated waste and recycling services provider for a prominent stadium, increased staff to facilitate multiple acquisitions, and successfully ventured into several new markets.

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